Gashumba Roasted Chicken.
A love Story...
When the north meets the south...

Gert is a Belgian, born in the North. His family has been active in Rwanda since the 1950s.

In early 2020 he metCharlotte. Charlotte is Rwandan, born in the South.

Because Gert invariably walks around in shorts, sandals and a cowboy hat, Charlotte quickly gave Gert a pet name: Gashumba…


It was love at first sight. Love for each other but also… love for food, cooking, tasting, enjoying each other's dishes, …. Charlotte cooked Rwandan and Indian dishes. Gert showed his extensive international cooking experience: Belgian, French, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine. Every day they learned from each other's knowledge.


Friends came to taste. They tasted and enjoyed their food . They were surprised. Every time again. But the biggest culinary orgasm was Gashumba's Roasted Chicken. Time after time friends asked : Make that chicken again.


To share their love for each other, for cooking, for the tastiest roasted chicken in Kigali with everyone in Rwanda, they founded GRC in 2022. Gashumba Roasted Chicken.


From now on everyone can enjoy the most delicious chicken, the most crispy potatoes and the most tasty roasted vegetables in Kigali


Taste and enjoy,….

Gashumba and Lady Gashumba!